Don’t buy a bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth headsets have to be paired with computers and sometimes it does not work well. Imagine that you are the moderator of an online zoom, teams meeting. It can be stressful to star an important meeting and be unable to be heard by other interlocutors. That’s one of the reasons it is better to buy a wired headset rather than a bluetooth headset. You just have to plug your wired headset into your computer.

Bluetooth disconnections

Many Bluetooth headphone user report that they Bluetooth headphones disconnect from time to time. This lack of reliability exclude the use of a Bluetooth headset as a device to use in a professional environment. Some headsets like the Sony 1000WMH4 play messages like “device 2 disconnected, Device 2 re-connected”. So, it shuts off the incoming audio while playing this message. This means that you can miss a very important sentence from your interlocutor when the audio was shut off.

The low audio quality of the microphone in Hands-free mode

By default, the sample rate of the microphone sound in Hands-free mode is 16Khz taking into account that 32Khz is the audio quality of the FM radio. In other words, the audio quality of . Whether your headset is powered by the Bluetooth version 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 does not make any difference. The hand-free mode operates at 16Khz. This means that very expensive Bluetooth headphones like the Sony 1000WHM4, the Bose 700 and the Yamaha Bluetooth headset also have a 16Khz in hands free mode. When you use the microphone of such headset, the sample rate really run at 16Khz and you can’t increase the sample rate. In order to avoid this pitfall, you must use a different microphone than the microphone of your Headset. But then, you may wonder if it is worth spending more than £250 and be forced to have another microphone. For your information, no High quality mode exists for Bluetooth headset. 16Khz is the maximum you can get.

Sometimes, the headphones also switch to the hands-free mode (16Khz) rather than the high quality mode (44,1Khz). Once again, the very expensive headsets have this low quality modes. Because of this, you may hear a poor sound quality and you must switch your audio input to the high quality mode. A 16Khz sample rate (allegedly telephone quality) isn’t enough for understanding your interlocutors from time to time. I test the Sony 1000WHM4 and the Bose 700, when I was in hands-free mode, I thought I forgot to update a firmware or badly adjusted the audio sample rate. I was wrong, 16KHz was the maximum I could get and the sound was really rubbish; below what could be acceptable for an online meeting.


Wired headsets are more reliable than Bluetooth headsets.

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